What We Do

Here at Faraday we can examine Tablets, Mobile Phones, SIM Cards, Memory Cards and USB Flash Drives.  
We can also offer assistance regarding CCTV, Cellsite, Computers and Audio. Our partners are well respected in their respective fields.


All data recovered will be presented in a format of your choice without using unnecessary complex jargon.  This will help to provide you with a presentable synopsis of the case to the court.  All of our reports can be produced as exhibits and be covered by an accompanying Witness Statement.

We also review cases where an Exhibit has been examined elsewhere without requiring the physical device.  From the given remit we will search through the data results and provide witness statements detailing our conclusions. This service will provide peace of mind that the exhibit has been thoroughly examined.   

Another service we offer is repairs.  Just because the screen is damaged doesn't mean that it can't be examined.  We can repair screens, battery faults and USB connector faults. 

We accept work from everywhere and have reported on cases from the Caribbean to mainland Europe.